We congratulate all participants for their successful participation in IMAV2023.

Hiker Rescue Challene

The rankings for the hiker rescue challenge are as follows:

1 st : ENAC, Toulouse France

2 nd : AKAMAV, TU Braunschweig, Germany

3 rd : UAS-DTU, Delhi Technological University, India

© Mavlab
© FSD RWTH Aachen
Stacking Challenge

The rankings for the indoor stacking challenge are as follows:

1 st  : DIPOL, HS Nordhausen, Germany

2 nd : Fantail, University of Auckland, New Zealand

3 rd : Black Bee Drones, Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil

Special Achievement Award

This year’s special achievement award went to the team of Black Bee drones for their highly automated MAV operation during the stacking challenge.

© FSD RWTH Aachen
© FSD RWTH Aachen
Best paper award

This year’s award for the best paper went to:

T. Roelandt, T. Willems, F. Naets and D. Vandepitte for “High-speed camera measurement of insect-like flapping wing deformation using a speckle pattern wing membrane” in 14 th international micro air vehicle conference, Aachen, Germany, 2023