Outdoor Competition

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Competition rules

To get a first insight to this year’s competition you can download the preliminary rules:

Safety rules

Additionally, all participating teams have to comply with the latest version of the safety rules:


Please note that these rules are subject to changes over time.

Dummy training data

To get a first insight on the dummy’s, you can download training data here:

Safety assessment

To speed up the safety assessment process, you can fill in the required documents and present them on the practice day

Hiker Rescue Challenge

Autonomous drones are starting to become a part of the chain of rescue regarding mass casualty incidents and search and rescue. Drones support rescue teams by giving them a bird’s eye view of a large and complex situation. In addition, they can gather information crucial for a fast and reliable search and rescue operation. In this year’s outdoor competition, we confront the participating teams with the task of aiding in search and rescue operations. During these operations, time is a crucial factor for a successful rescue. Therefore, not only the speed of the drone is of the essence but also gathering and processing information necessary for the rescue leader. The nature of complex rescue operation, require constant adjustments to the flight plan. Hence not only the speed of data gathering is addressed, but also the flexibility of the unmanned system is put to test.